Have you had problems buying Cannabis and Marijuana seeds in the USA, Canada or Europe?

Not any more 🙂


Our comrades. Skillful breeder.

The staff of Kalashnikov Seeds is a team of skillful workers from Russia who are growing top cannabis for about ten years. Their headquarter is located near Sochi in Russia’s Kuban region. Our team works cooperates with the other skilled growers throughout Russia.

Kalashnikov Seeds specializes in crossbreeding AK-47 clones. They have access to the best land races all over the world, including Russia, China and Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the staff at Kalashnikov Seeds are growing for more than 15 years now, they have first appeared at the Europe market in 2013. Owing to the great quality of their strains, the have quickly started to compete with many famous European seed banks and established themselves as the best Russian seed brand. Currently, Kalashnikov Seeds are ready for the further expansion.

The wide range of outstanding plants from Kalashnikov Seeds includes feminized and auto-flowering strains, as well as their latest specialty, express strains. Express species like their AK Kush Express, Kalashnikov Express, White Critical Express and famous for their especially short blossoming period compared with their feminized originals, which turns Kalashnikov Seeds’ Express Strains into the most original product on the seeds market!

One of the Kalashnikov Seeds’ purposes is to show the cannabis world that Russian seeds aren’t worse (and sometimes even better) than the most popular seeds from Spain or other famous countries breeding seeds. You should definitely try them and become the biggest fan of Russian breeders!

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