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If you want to buy cannabis seeds to grow marijuana for medical purposes, you must know certain information.

First, let’s say that cannabis seeds are the technical sorts of medical marijuana seeds. All sorts of marijuana have the same amount of cannabinoids, but different proportions of these active components. Therefore, cannabis sorts are characterized by different effects.
The growing popularity of medical sorts of cannabis as the alternatives to the pharmaceutical methods of treatment is explained by the availability of information and useful properties and results of clinical researches, and not the moral depravity, as the opponents of the plants are trying o prove.

Characteristics of medical marijuana:

We should note that medical strains is a separate sort of marijuana. Any cannabis improves your condition to some degree, but medical marijuana has a very different composition, which has a qualitatively different effect. We know many cases when people defeated many diseases due to the high concentration of active substances in the cannabis seeds, created by the breeders according to the needs of people suffering from one or another disease, almost incurable by the means of traditional medicine.

It has recently become easy to buy medical cannabis seeds – the good cooperation with the Crop King Seeds seed banks allows to offer the high-quality genetic material, developed during the multi-year selection. The advantages of Crop King Seeds breeders are obvious – the legal status of plant allows them to operate openly and share experiences. Therefore, the reputation of seed banks of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is deserved, as well as the high price for the Crop King Seeds seeds, the result of multi-year work of the plant breeders. You can buy medical cannabis seeds anonymously in our online store.